Natalie A. Wright

Photo by SarahLove Photography .

Photo by SarahLove Photography.

I study bird biology and evolution. My research addresses such questions as: Why do birds vary so widely in their flight styles & abilities? How do ecological interactions such as predation, competition, and sexual selection drive the evolution and maintenance of flight? What are the consequences of different flight strategies on birds' biology, life history, ecology, and evolution?

I tend to work at evolutionary time scales, focusing on differences among populations or species. I use macroecological and phylogenetic comparative methods in combination with detailed field and biomechanics studies to test these evolutionary ecology questions. Much of my research involves museum collections and databases, to which I contribute through specimen collection and preparation.



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I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Kenyon College

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twitter: @coereba

Bananaquit,  Coereba flaveola , at Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad.  Photo by Natalie Wright .

Bananaquit, Coereba flaveola, at Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad.
Photo by Natalie Wright.