Bret Tobalkse

Postdoc advisor, collaborator on my ongoing island bird biomechanics project, strangely generous with his high speed video equipment

Chris Witt

Ph.D. advisor extraordinaire, provider of excellent support & advice, curator of the coolest ornithology collection in all the land

Tom Martin

Collaborator on the ongoing project investigating how predation pressure affects flight development in songbirds

John Grady

Grad school officemate & general partner in crime, leader of the mesothermic dinosaurs project

Jim Brown

Committee member, collaborator on avian life history project

Ryan Gregory

Collaborator on bird genome size project

David Steadman

M.S. advisor at the University of Florida, fellow lover of Bananaquits and small bird bones



Christine Peterson

After an entire summer as a field technician in Arizona with me, Christine had not had enough of studying baby birds, so she's working with me to analyze the data we collected. Christine is also doing her undergraduate senior thesis project on flight ontogeny in songbirds (details currently being worked out).

Ashley Smiley

I advised Ashley on her undergraduate research project on bird heart morphology in hypoxia from 2010-2014. Ashley is now a PhD student in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley.

Erika Pohl

Erika was a field assistant on my 2013 expedition to Trinidad and Tobago. I trained her in field ornithology and collecting methods. Erika is now in veterinary school at Colorado State University.

Nick Wilson

Nick was a field assistant on my 2013 expedition to Trinidad and Tobago. I trained him in field ornithology and collecting methods. He is now a research technician in ecology research labs at the University of New Mexico.

EricaRose Egan

I trained EricaRose in molecular laboratory methods and advised her on her senior thesis on genetic divergence in populations of birds in Trinidad and Tobago at the University of Florida. EricaRose is now a biological technician for the USDA.

Jonno Morris

I trained Jonno in museum specimen preparation when he was an undergraduate at the University of Florida. Jonno helped describe a new species of flightless rail from the Bahamas. He is now in a graduate program in conservation ecology at the University of Michigan.